Recently the world were affected by Ransomware. the virus that can be spread when using computer port 445 which caused all industries being influenced to difference degrees at the same time  spread to the networked display system of the command centers. However, our Danacoid networked display units are successfully escaped from this impact with our built-in system, security encryption technology and no external open ports that ensure the whole system is safe and reliable for the image control center of the Public security department.

Solving points of the customers:

  1. Complex management

The image control center is the information central pivot for the Public security department. With large images convergences and management in local monitoring, video conference and skynet, it required many peoples and computers to satisfy the needs of the image management based on a numbers of superlative matrixes which is a hard task for the management. The management must get involved at the beginning of the project construction, the needs to know the information of the signal type, origin and route from the sources and make maintaining modification record. The management also became more difficult due to the change in position. It is always not easy to regroup such a big system!

  1. Poor Flexibility

The fiber optic interconnection is used between the core machine room of the image control center and the conference room at each floor. Although the long distance transmission problem of HD image is solved, the flexibility is poor as it is still transferred from point to point

  1. Low extensibility

The system expansion is depending on the fixed channel board card of the matrices, it will make the whole image management system more complex by increasing the number of matrices in future.

  1. Danacoid networked display units

The networked display units is a deeply integration with the technology of internet, computer and multimedia which is researched and developed by Shanghai Danacoid Multimedia Technology Co.,Ltd, has the feature of system integration, network distribution, management visualization and platform integration, etc.

The system of Danacoid network display units are based on gigabit LAN and has the feature of node localization, distributed and saved hardware.

Change started by firstly we making the design for the display system of the image control center where the use of 30 pieces of the Danacoid networked display units in 3 by 10 video wall as the main display for the image control center. it is connected to a HUAWEI gigabit switch S5720-52P and the built-in central server is connected with the switch in order to fulfill the central management with the 30 pieces of network display units.

With Input and output integration, our Danacoid networked display units not only act as the display terminal, but also have image input interface. All images of information machine room are transferred to the networked display units to achieve the visualization management with one computer for image control center. However, the advantage of the networked display units is played to the best of the feature of interactive management,flexibility and extensibility.

The system construction of Danacoid networked display units are started with image control center and gradually realized the system modification for the office conference room, video conferencing room and monitoring connection. With the improvement step-by-step, the DyneCloud system is a real fulfillment of networked, distributed and interactive.