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Command centers generally require comprehensive audio visual applications. Not only real-time management and control of the audio and video information within the administered range are required, but also application needs of multiple aspects including real-time business process, comprehensive data analysis, meeting decision-making, emergency processing, field management, and information dissemination, for they are indeed a typical multi-business system linkage and visual application. In traditional solutions, however, various application systems such as audio/video monitoring system, conference system, and business data processing system are built independently, and inter-system linkage and unified management & control are difficult to realize. Users usually have to keep switching between multiple systems to accomplish expected operations which are tedious and low efficient.


DyneCloud provides a set of effective solution. With the use of nodes, a basic internetwork of visual information was built, and the service layer can be used to realize quick connection with different business systems, and various applications that indeed meet the needs of command centers provide quick and convenient business application experiences to users.

DyneCloud system may realize the interconnection and sharing of visual information among all departments and even supervisor-subordinate units or partners within command centers, so that the necessary needs of command centers such as remote control, real-time command, meeting decision-making, emergency processing, business linkage, data analysis and statistics, and information dissemination can be organically combined through the easiest and most flexible way, and platform functions can be expanded according to new demands in the future.

The all-in-one overall visual information platform, constructed via DyneCloud system, is the best solution for smart command center construction in the new age.

DyneCloud Command Center Solution Diagram


Application Scenarios

Visual scheduling

  • Local signals access, and seamless connection with massive monitoring data
  • Any signal can be acquired at any time, and multi-screen roaming & splicing
  • Multi-screen sharing, linkage and mirror-display
  • Real-time signal source preview and back-display, and all visual scheduling
  • Customized preset plan, one-key switch and timed switch | End management, multi-user synchronous operations

Comprehensive data display

  • Point-to-point dynamic display of ultra high resolution images such as GIS
  • Direct connection with business data, and real-time monitoring data
  • Graphical display of data, deep analysis
  • Multi-terminal interaction, and synchronous data monitoring

Meeting decision-making

  • One-key quick start of the meeting
  • Real-time multi-party A/V sharing
  • Quick projection of meeting contents, and multiple people may engage in the same meeting on the same screen
  • Multi-party interactive discussion
  • Acquire the selected information at any time as the reference

Business connection

  • Remote control of back-office businesses and real-time computer operations
  • Connection with different business platforms for platform linkage
  • Unified operations and management of multi-task platform

Emergency linkage

  • Data pre-warning indicator
  • Auto acquisition of the monitoring video near an accident
  • Emergency quick response plan
  • Remote in-field live-action emergency command

Information publish

  • Publish of regular information such as time, weather, and people on duty
  • Rolling publish of regular propaganda, notices and information
  • All-network distribution of emergency, and quick publish of meeting decisions

Highly effective, reliable guarantee of command


  • Distributed architecture eliminates the core bottleneck of the system, and simple components that run independently may remain highly efficient, and keep running 24h*7d.

Dual redundancy backup

  • It supports double-control server and dual network redundancy backup, which means that the entire platform is able to keep running nonstop even if a set of network or control server fails.

Rapid Maintenance

  • Each independent small component can be quickly replaced so that any failure of the command platform can be quickly repaired.

Building of a fully interconnected command network

  • Command platforms in the future must be networked. And the outstanding features of DyneCloud made it possible to build a network-based command platform. A smart command center built with DyneCloud, may form a comprehensive command network that is fully interconnected through the connection of connected networks.

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