Danacoid’s Participation in the Belt and Road

The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation that has caught the attention of the world was held in Beijing from May 14, 2017 to May 15, 2017. While the delegates from different countries meet in Beijing to enjoy the moment together, Danacoid was very honored to have the opportunity to participate in the Forum and witness the big time together.

Danacoid was very lucky to join in the work of Yanxi Lake and China National Concention Center sessions for the Belt and Road Forum. Danacoid’s high-definition integrated interface machines and embedded servers provided safe and perfect interactive systems for the Forum. The switching between multiple signal sources, the interconnection of video conferences and the rapid call of contingency plans can be achieved through the remote control of one iPad.

Now, let’s have a see at the Belt and Road Forum together with the editor.

China National Convention Center
The Opening Ceremony of the Forum and the Six-Communication Conference were held in the China National Convention Center. Danacoid adopted 12 high-definition integrated interface machines and 12 LCD screens for picture splicing and multi-window roaming and stacking. The user might achieve signal dragging and switching, and rapid call of contingency plans within the control interface. When the leaders from various countries came to the China National Convention Center from the Diaoyutai State Guest House, the operators should switch the road-section and in-site video signals to the screen. During the conference, the video pictures of Opening Ceremony, Six-communication Conference and news broadcast are shown alternately on the screen.

Yanxi Lake Session

Yanxi Lake Conference Hall was another venue for the Forum. 9 LCD screens were adopted for the Security Hall on the first floor, and 9 high-definition integrated interface machines were connected to these 9 screens for splicing and roaming, remote control of interfaces, dragging and switching of signals, and one-key call of contingency plans.

Duruo Hall was a dedicated conference room for Beijing Mayor, Beijing Party Secretary, and relevant personnel of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 12 LCD screens were used here for picture display; based on DyneCloud system and high-definition integrated interface machine, the pictures could be switched freely to guarantee the smooth implementation of the Forum.