Danacoid is a leading global innovator and manufacturer of intelligent networked AV over IP product solutions to the Pro AV markets. With years of hardware and software expertise in 4K H.265 streaming, PoE, cloud, patented networking technology and Linux based Windows and iOS visualization software applications, Danacoid has developed an all-inclusive building-block based IP over AV architecture and powerful ecosystem software to easily integrate into its comprehensive line of Danacoid product families, including the DyneNet™ 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Video over IP SDVoE product family; DyneCloud™ distributive and interactive 4K H.265 networked AV over IP product family and DynePro™ Dante enabled, patented digital audio DSP and PoE PA over IP product family. Danacoid’s complete line of flexible, easy-to-control and highly reliable Intelligent Networked IP over AV solutions are ideal for the distribution of broadcast quality audio and video signals for simple to complex applications ranging from video wall and networked multi-source/multi-display architectures, to local and wide area network AV systems to networked sound reinforcement systems. Danacoid’s building-block based architecture of products can be easily configured to help you design your ideal ecosystem – quickly and cost-efficiently.


  • Simple design & configuration
  • Less cables and boxes
  • Effortless scalability
  • Easy setup process
  • Built in video processing
  • Direct app control and remote access
  • Status monitoring

Traditional Pro AV vs Danacoid AV over IP Ecosystem Solutions and Advantages

Currently, businesses, system integrators and value-added-resellers that design and integrate a variety of simple to complex professional AV systems have no choice but to choose equipment from multiple manufacturers to match the performance and functionality requirements of any given project. Moreover, equipment from various vendors are often designed with different performance, programming, operating and reliability specifications, despite adhering to industry format, signal and interface standards. As a result of integrating desperate components from multiple vendors, systems become unnecessarily complex, difficult to optimize, time-consuming to integrate, often unreliable and expensive; let alone difficult to service and support. Simple designs such as a multi-source video wall application requires an array of video, RGB and multi-source matrix switchers, splicing processor, control hosts and multi-cable runs comprising of audio, video, control and network cabling. Dancoid’s underlying technology and intelligent networked AV over IP product ecosystem directly addresses this challenge. Incorporating the latest advancements in SDVoE, PoE, 4K H.265 streaming, and Dante standards, Danacoid has envisioned and revolutionized how Pro AV technologies can be seamlessly architected and networked to provide a cohesive ecosystem of products that minimizes component count, combines multiple signal and power cabling bundles to a single cable, eliminate expensive AV matrices, affording intelligent control of all signal, power and device parameters via a simple user visualized WYSIWYG interface – all built upon an intelligent, cost-effective, and simplistic building block approach. As a result, Danacoid’s embedded intelligence into their hardware systems coupled with their customizable visualization software suite affords unprecedented flexibility in system design, extreme performance metrics, ease of management and offers the utmost in reliability. Additionally, the company’s DyneNet and DyneCloud product families deliver leading class features and benefits that the competition will take years to catch up. The following are highlights of the DyneNet and DyneCloud features and benefits.


DynePro™ is a Dante TM enabled, patented digital audio DSP and PoE PA over IP product family. The fully networked family of professional audio products, powered via a single network cable, is ideal for auto showrooms, movie theaters, churches, bars and restaurants, conferences and lecture halls. DynePro’s ecosystem of products are purpose built to deliver pristine audio of the highest quality throughout the network while significantly reducing traditional device count and cabling costs. A single network cable handles power, transmission, management and control, making it easy to transmit and control audio safely, quietly, and conveniently for reliable performance and perfect integration throughout the network.


The Danacoid DyneNet TM ecosystem family of products for intelligent AV distribution sets the bar for unparalleled broadcast quality audio and video performance over 10GbE technology, enabling limitless endpoints up to 30 kilometers from the source. DyneNet includes a world-class, WYSIWYG dynamic user interface that enables touch control from a Windows or iOS device on the network and is built to the robust SDVoE technology standard, provides the ability to switch, extend, and distribute in real time, uncompressed 4K60 4:4:4 HDR video signals, with no latency, over copper or optical fiber connections, utilizing low-cost off-the-shelf 10GbE switches instead of expensive AV matrix switchers. By concurrently supporting both matrix switching and video wall capabilities, this inclusive family of broadcast quality products can be configured for market applications ranging from broadcast, sporting arenas, casinos, medical, multi-media conference rooms, central command centers to commercial site-to-site video wall and multi-view applications incorporating multiple signal sources and output to a scalable video wall display or to multiple display devices. Experience utter reliability and scalability in a way that has not been possible before with Danacoid’s DyneNet’s ecosystem.

DyneNet Features:

  • High resolution 4K60 4:4:4 HDR
  • Low compression, no latency
  • Variations of copper, fiber and USB connectivity
  • Embedded HBR audio, Dolby, DTS
  • AV over KVM & super low KVM latency
  • Windows switching control
  • Software customization
  • System wide status monitoring and notification
  • iOS and Windows capable


The Danacoid DyneCloud™ product family is the industry’s first distributive and interactive 4K H.265 networked AV ecosystem for existing 1GbE IP networks. DyneCloud’s highly integrated minimal H.265 codec hardware and powerful WYSIWYG visualized interactive drag-and-drop software comprise of four modules for coding and decoding, external multimedia management and control management via the IP network. DyneCloud system devices are extremely reliable, mobile, architectures are flexible, and connection distances are unlimited, eliminating the distance limitations between signal source and endpoint devices. Further, the reduction of devices and cable runs needed coupled with ease of deployment and operation significantly reduce the initial investment and TCO costs. Whether supporting mission control centers, security cameras, air traffic controllers, video walls, sports bars, educational institutions, stadium multi-screens, or any other large modern digital display, DyneCloud revolutionizes the local and wide area network AV display paradigm, making life easier while bringing unprecedented peace of mind.

DyneCloud is the perfect example to further expand on Danacoid’s future-proof building block approach. DyneCloud is a distributed networked AV system of highly integrated minimal H.265 codec hardware and powerful software integrated into a easily configurable 1GbE LAN/WAN network. The system contains only four modules for coding, external multimedia management, decoding and control management. The system devices are mobile, architectures are flexible, and connection distances are unlimited, eliminating the distance limitations between signal source and sink device. The physical complexity of the system is very low with simple wiring which facilitates future equipment replacement and system upgrades. Additionally, Danacoid’s networked AV ecosystem software achieves AV interworking; massive video access; signal source arbitrarily compositing, roaming, and overlaying; cloud-based signal recording and broadcasting; always available signal; visualized interactive control; and streaming confidence monitoring. If you want to significantly reduce your TCO, reduce system design and installation time, increase operational uptime and ROI while future-proofing your system for years to come – think Danacoid.

DyneCloud Features:

  • 1GbE bandwidth LAN/WAN network
  • Integrated TX/RX transceiver
  • Integrated Fiber/Copper connectivity
  • KVM & Low KVM latency
  • Windows switching control
  • Software customization
  • iOS and Windows capable

Advantages and Benefits of DyneNet and DyneCloud:


  • Upscaling and downscaling with aspect ratio management
  • Built-in video processing: overlay, PiP, Multiview, video splicing, roaming
  • Fanless design, ultra-silent, lightweight
  • KVM cross zone pointer
  • Live thumbnail video
  • Drag-n-drop windows
  • Seamless responses with little or no latency
  • System wide Status monitoring and notification
  • Live recording (DyneCloud)