Visualized Control Software Platform

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DN-WIN is the visualized control platform software. There are Windows and iOS two versions that can be used on different terminals for platform control. Video windows can be operated by touch-device. The software supports varies types of information enquiry, WYSIWYG quick switching operation, microphone signal and other local amplified signals, voltage level monitoring, and status monitoring and feedback of the devices. With the wireless touch management terminal, a large display wall can configure different information presets based on actual scenarios and applications.



• The software supports Windows, and IOS, and controls the whole platform from a terminal. It provides various control functions: large
screen control, signal source management, loop-back confidence monitoring, and plan customization. It also allows text and logo
modifications. The software supports all equipment that is included in the code library, although not for new external device driver
• The video window can be operated by touch screen. Dragging a video source to the video wall will automatically create a window for the
video source. Clicking on any video window activates it, and it can then be dragged freely on the screen. A user can move, and close the
video window by fnger on the video window, or by double-clicking the video window.
• The software also supports query for various types of information and provides real-time preview retrieval on video sources. An user can
input his search keyword in the search box to fnd all the signal sources containing the keyword, as well as a screenshot of the software
• “What-you-see-is-what-you-get”. The fast switching operation can be conducted by a wireless touch management terminal. The image
can be previewed accurately and timely on the wall after being dragged into a window, avoiding push signal error. The switching time is
under 0.5 seconds, and the image displays (on monitor screen) with the video wall simultaneously.
• The large-screen display wall is able to create presets for various scenarios and applications. Examples of those scenarios include
emergency command mode, report exercise mode, daily working mode, etc. When needed, it can be switched quickly to a particular
preset from any management terminal, meeting the requirements of the scenario and situation.
• For the microphone, amplifer, and other audio feld equipment, the software supports real-time level monitoring and control. It has one[1]
button recall function, with simple and reliable operation. It restores the operation with a single key stroke when problem occurs, ensuring
stable conferences.
• The software allows equipment status monitoring and feedback to be displayed on any management terminals.