System Status monitoring Platform DN-Monitor

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DN-WIN is the visualized control platform software. There are Windows and iOS two versions that can be used on different terminals for platform control. Video windows can be operated by touch-device. The software supports varies types of information enquiry, WYSIWYG quick switching operation, microphone signal and other local amplified signals, voltage level monitoring, and status monitoring and feedback of the devices. With the wireless touch management terminal, a large display wall can configure different information presets based on actual scenarios and applications.



• Monitors and warns multi-screen video wall status: real-time monitoring displayed content and status.
• Previews signal source: self-test and previews encoder signal source image.
• Checks equipment and network status: self-test AV equipment and network signal.
• Monitors equipment status: equipment characteristics and status.
• Monitors equipment power consumption: equipment temperature, power consumption.
• Automatic alarm: abnormal warning message can be issued through voice, SMS, and email.