DY-SERVER Plus, Cloud Platform Control Center Software

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• The B/S software architecture supports both local and remote control terminals. To manage the large video wall, a networked control
terminal can login and use the IE browser control interface, without the hassle of installing client software.
• Manages and controls various signal windows on the large screen, such as large single screen display, multi-screen display, arbitrary sized
display, full screen display, as well as moving or zooming the display windows.
• Provides 300+ preset management functions. The display preset can be created, saved, modified, recalled and deleted. The size and
position data of each window on the current large screen wall can be saved in a display preset. Multiple display presets can be combined
into an automatic looping preset for operation. Achieves automatic and looping display.
• A user can manipulate the displayed contents of the entire display wall, including layout editing, storage and recall etc. In addition to the
manual selection of the preset execution, a timed and automated operation can be programmed. For example, in a daily working scenario,
the large screen wall can be programmed to operate based on the scheduled time, automatically opening the video window and switching
the screen, without manual intervention.
• Connects IP camera to any position, any size, and any superimposed monitoring image on the display terminal. Performs rotation and
zoom function for the IP camera.
• For each input node, the software can configure, manage, select and switch displays, using the dynamic bandwidth adjustment
technology. In the case of network congestion, the transmission code data rate can be dynamically adjusted between 512K/s and 16MB/s
according to the fluctuation of network bandwidth. This ensures that the video is smooth and free of blocky artifact.
• Provides preview for all input signal sources, and quick access call. The operator can preview the signal sources in the window before it is
displayed. Then quickly drag the signal window to the screen display with a mouse.
• The signal feedback display function allows all signal windows of a large display wall being shown on the monitor of a control terminal to be
shown simultaneously with the same proportion and position. Using this function, the operator is presented with a fully simulated display
wall on his monitor, that he can watch the contents of without seeing the display wall.
• All the signal windows and layouts shown on a display wall, can be copied, scaled, and shown on other display walls, or on a large single
screen. This satisfes the special need of multiple sets for screens simultaneously mirroring the same scenes.
• Provides multi-user authentication and authorization mechanism, allowing multiple users to operate on the large screen at the same time.
The authority levels can be set, so that each operator has different rights and is responsible for his assigned signal sources and regions in
the display wall.
• Updates the input and output node frmware through the network. Backs up system parameters, and facilitates data recovery.
• Dual network hot backup with DY-700K. Supports DY-700K subtitles, dynamic base map and other functions.
• It has the underlying software foundation for full function implementation. Generates full-featured software management functions with
all of the networked AV devices.
• The control software is autonomous software from the manufacturer of the distributed processor. There is no patent right and service
upgrade problem. The copyright registration certifcate of the control software is available.