DN-Designer, Visualized System Design Software

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DN-Designer is the visualized interface management design software, with customizable user interface format and content and customized design. It has built-in common device library to simulate meeting scene control and provides variety of design functions: scenario preset function, audio and video status real-time monitoring function, computer website control and management function, international third party band name devices support, visualized design control interface that allows WYSIWUG, customizable arbitrary window size, and interactive system control with iOS / Windows.



• Customizable user management interface format and content, customized design.
• Built-in common device library (e.g. camera, DVD, matrix, projector, etc.,) can be called directly.
• A new database can be constructed to simulate meeting scene control.
• Scenario preset functions for a variety of situations: scene linkage control with time interval setting, simple and intelligent one-button
recall, etc., all with under 1s switching time.
• Audio and video status real-time monitoring functions: real-time display for audio levels of input and output channels, real-time
simultaneous video display for all control terminals without jamming.
• Audio mode with volume adjustment and other functions: supports more than 8 audio modes with switching time less than 1 second,
support volume, mute, and other controls for all input and output audio channels.
• Video real-time preview “WYSIWYG” function: 20+ video channels loop-back display on the control terminal, multiple video input and
output sources with 25Fps real-time loop-back; customizes the loop-back window based on network and terminal capabilities, and
supports 10 Simultaneous video loop-back channels.
• Customizable management interface to meet user requirements. Multi-level management rights can be designed.
• The software is based on a rich device library that includes third-party devices of well-known brands. It also supports a custom third[1]
party control device library. In PC WINDOWS environment, the software has friendly interface and easy-to-learn operations. Because of its
visual capability, the software provides a visualized “what you see is what you get” design and control interface. The interface window can
be set to any size.
• Supports interactive system control and iOS and Windows platforms.