Danacoid can tailor a wide Intelligent Networked AV over IP solution to meet the unique application needs required by a modern court solution.
Danacoid provides an exceptional operational experience by seamlessly integrating a monitoring platform, security IP camera inputs, video conferencing, and microphone audio processing. It also easily manages remote commands to distributed system components. This enables a wide range of applications from the judiciary’s conference rooms to the courtrooms. A Danacoid system is expertly designed to make it easy for everyone to use. Judges, court administrators, and clerks can control the system locally during the entire litigation process.

They can easily control the sound processing, video display, remote testimony, evidence display, and manage equipment synchronization through a mobile device.
With the help of patented control system and status monitoring software, administrative personnel can also perform routine maintenance and system debugging remotely through the network.

Court personnel will be able to easily operate and control the entire Dante enabled, patented digital audio DSP and PoE PA over IP enabled audio system and 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Video over IP SDVoE visual ecosystem within their business with the touch of finger, via a mobile device.

This includes virtually unlimited video source windowing and an
ultra-low latency KVM environment. In addition to controlling the
entire audio and video signal transmission and distribution, the
system also controls other important features including powering
equipment on and off, adjust air conditioner temperature, and
speaker volume.
Centralized Control
Enables centralized control of audio and video equipment, environmental devices, and control signal host across all departments and facilities of the judiciary.

This includes the control of trial equipment in courtrooms, jury rooms, and meeting rooms. These capabilities provide court and trial efficiency through simple to operate controls for the clerk or other administrative personnel.
Trial Management
Manage various types of information and applications throughout different stages of the trial.

This includes the recording and display of case information, transcript, trial audio and video content, and applications such as live trial broadcast.
Evidence Display
Easily manage and switch between different forms (digital, physical, audio, multimedia) and sources (case information management system, clerk, witness, Internet) of court
evidence to display during the trial process.
Text Acquisition Synchronization
Ensure the accuracy of trial recordings and data while synchronizing the audio and video signals.
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