Healthcare is big business and the medical industry is looking for more efficient ways to communicate intraoffice and to their patients.
A state-of-the-art medical digital AV system should be designed and implemented as an comprehensive and cohesive digital system that seamlessly ties medical staff to patients. It needs to solve complex distribution issues such as the remote transfer of high-definition medical imaging, academic reports, and other complex information. It also must flawlessly manage the distribution process.

Danacoid’s Medical Intelligent Networked AV over IP solution ecosystem of products are purpose built and flexibly designed with the needs of all the different types of medical facilities
in mind.
Danacoid can create a complete networked information system based on requirements ranging from surgical teachings to teleconference systems to control systems capable of remote control of an AV ecosystem in various regions. This simplifies the management and control of AV systems locally and across different facilities.

In addition, Danacoid provides a variety of system applications such as an information distribution system, paperless conference system, video conference system, and surgical teaching system to meet various medical information requirements.

An innovative visual interactive user interface enables medical staff to easily control the system locally through a mobile device. Alternatively, administrators can control the entire system from a distributed location on the network through the master
control unit.
Interconnection Simplified collaboration between multiple sites through the network allows quick response to emergency cases.
Medical Information Distribution
Real-time release of patients’ prescription and appointment status, medical data and knowledge, and other important information improves the efficiency of medical treatment.
Surgical Teaching
Provide medical residents with remote surgical teaching services.
Remote Conference
Deliver the value of conferences without the expense and time loss of travel.
Danacoid is a leading global innovator and manufacturer of intelligent networked AV over IP product solutions to the Pro AV markets, including broadcast, commercial, education, healthcare, hospitality, house of worship and transportation.
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