An exhibition hall is an experience rich environment for public art and information displays. It heavily relies on visual and linguistic expressions such as shape, color, and space to convey information and meaning to various customer groups attending commercial exhibition activities.

Danacoid’s Exhibition Intelligent Networked AV over IP solution can meet the needs of large-scale exhibition venues as well as small-scale exhibition spaces. Danacoid provide users with a comprehensive system of integrating audio, video, and control. Not only does Danacoid provide various high-performance display devices for each exhibition hall, Danacoid also provides a convenient and practical sound reinforcement system and a powerful visual interactive control platform. These capabilities make it easy for venues to create a variety of display effects.

Administrators are able to easily operate and control the entire Dante enabled audio system and high- resolution visual ecosystem through a mobile device with the touch of a finger. This includes virtually unlimited video source windowing and an ultra-low latency KVM environment. In addition to controlling control the entire audio and video signal transmission and distribution. The system also controls other important features including powering equipment on and off, adjust air conditioner temperature, and speaker volume.

In addition, Danacoid can provide a variety of system applications such as an information distribution system, meeting reservation system, paperless conferencing system, and video conferencing system to meet varied exhibition space requirements.

  • Centralize Control – simplified, central control of the display, sound reinforcement, and environmental equipment, and all the many and varied signal sources.
  • Resource Scheduling – easily schedule and manage resources such as video signals, business data, video conferencing, surveillance video, and status information. Also, pre-set and implement different resource plans to meet different application requirements.
  • Sound Reinforcement – enhance the exhibition hall’s ability to attract and retain clients with a pristine audio pickup and reinforcement system. It is powerful and versatile enough to cover many different halls and venues of varying sizes and shapes.
  • Multimedia – extensive multimedia access ports to easily access various multimedia signals and display them properly on each display or display wall.