For every enterprise, having a stable, reliable, and secure AV system is essential for operations. Danacoid’s Enterprise Intelligent Networked AV over IP solution provides an integrated system of audio, video, control, and visual collaboration products suitable for use in large and small conference rooms, lecture halls, reception rooms, and boardrooms.

Danacoid not only ensures a company has an efficient, modern AV system, but also simplifies management of the AV infrastructure and allows the company to fully customize the implementation to meet the needs of their business environment.
With Danacoid’s innovative, visual interactive user interface, employees can easily control an entire room through a mobile device in that room. Alternatively, administrators can control the entire system from a distributed location on the network through a master control unit. From paperless electronic meetings to video conference systems, from wireless on-screen AV to audio and video systems in various locations, Danacoid can provide a true end-to-end total enterprise digital AV solution.

  • Multimedia Signal Access – simplify on-screen, sharing, storage, and other operations through easy connection of all types of multimedia signals.
  • Sharable Conference Files – easily share attendees various files during conferences to increase the efficiency and accuracy of meetings.
  • Sound Reinforcement system – high-quality audio is vital to ensuring the success of every meeting.
  • Video Conference – enable video conferences by using distributed systems to initiate local and remote cameras and audio.