As the education industry continues to grow exponentially while moving toward a more technologically empowered learning environment, traditional education AV system solutions have struggled to adapt to the needs of digital age students and technology infrastructure. Danacoid’s Educational Intelligent Networked AV over IP solution ecosystem is purpose built to fill this gap. Utilizing a distributed networked system, Danacoid enabled campuses are able to quickly and easily interconnect audio and video signals throughout the campus, remote lectures, course recordings, live lectures, classroom interaction, and security monitoring.

Ranging from AC temperature and speaker volume control to lighting and display control, educators and students can easily manage the entire system through mobile devices.

At the same time, Danacoid can provide educational organizations with a variety of unique application systems such as recording, broadcasting, information distribution, paperless conference, video conference, and security monitoring that meet the various needs of a modern campus.

  • Digital Lecture System – Danacoid provides high quality sound pickup and reinforcement system and electronic whiteboard display equipment to provide teachers with effective and efficient tools for student learning.
  • Smart Interaction – creates a welcoming and accessible environment for interactions between teachers and students before class, in class, and after class.
  • Campus Security Monitoring – delivers a safe environment by providing security monitoring of public places on campus.
  • Lecture Recording – allows learning to occur the way students interact with digital technology with the seamless capability to record lectures and deliver live course broadcasts.