The Danacoid DyneNet™ ecosystem family of products for intelligent AV distribution sets the bar for unparalleled broadcast quality audio and video performance over 10GbE technology, enabling limitless endpoints up to 30 kilometers from the source. DyneNet includes a world-class, WYSIWYG dynamic user interface that enables touch control from a Windows or iOS device on the network and is built to the robust SDVoE technology standard, provides the ability to switch, extend, and distribute in real time, uncompressed 4K60 4:4:4 HDR video signals, with no latency, over copper or optical fiber connections, utilizing low-cost off-the-shelf 10GbE switches instead of expensive AV matrix switchers. By concurrently supporting both matrix switching and video wall capabilities, this inclusive family of broadcast quality products can be configured for market applications ranging from broadcast, sporting arenas, casinos, medical, multi-media conference rooms, central command centers to commercial site-to-site video wall and multi-view applications incorporating multiple signal sources and output to a scalable video wall display or to multiple display devices. Experience utter reliability and scalability in a way that has not been possible before with Danacoid’s DyneNet’s ecosystem.


DyneNet Technology Advantage
SDVoE 10G AV over IP product family with the ability to switch, extend, and distribute uncompressed AV signals in real time with resolutions up to 4K@60 4:4:4 with HDR, over a 10GbE IP network with the standard SDVoE technology. Enjoy this high lossless image resolution technology with the advanced built in video processing functionalities, KVM with both copper/fiber connection paired with our intelligent software UI for control.  
DN200 Encoder/Decoder series
  • SDVoE Alliance technology
  • 4K 60 4:4:4 no latency, uncompressed
  • 10G distributed system
  • Upscaling and downscaling with aspect ratio management
  • Built-in video processing including Overlay, PiP, Multi-View, Video Splicing, and Roaming
  • Ultra-low latency KVM cross zone pointer
  • HBR audio, Dolby, STS, and other high-performance audio capability. Analog audio embedding / de-embedding
  • Fan-less enclosure design, ultra-silent, lightweight
  SDVoE Alliance SDVoE API diagram Danacoid is a member of SDVoE Alliance. SDVoE (Software Defined Video-over-Ethernet) is the latest high-performance, software-based AV-over-IP platform for control and distribution of audio visual systems of a Ethernet/Fiber networks. Providing a software-based AV platform allows programmers, manufacturers and software engineers to analyse customers' needs in order to build new and interesting applications. for more information please visit SDVoE
  • Zero-latency AV-over-IP solution for AV equipment (under 100 microseconds / 1/150th of a video frame)
  • Full stack, 7-later solution - providing an approach to every layer of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection)
  • video routing, scaling, aspect ratio management, video wall processing, image compositing, audio downsizing, etc.
  • Fully uncompressed transmission for HD and 4K AV signals
  • HDMI video transmission up to full 4K60
  • Multi-channel audio and independent audio routing
  • RS-232 and IR control signal suppport
  • 1Gbps embedded Ethernet support
Intuitive Software
  • Fully visualized, simple yet comprehensive control interface
  • Real-time source video feedbacks
  • Simply drag and drop to switch any sources to any displays in the network
  • Video processing control including overlay, PiP, roaming, multi-view
  • Available in both iOS & Windows
  • Designer Software allows users to do own customizations
DyneNet Application Solutions
DyneNet Multi=Point to Multi-Point Configuration
DyneNet Video Wall Operation DyneNet™ supports video wall operation within the same system. In Video Wall mode, a single source may be displayed across multiple screen or projectors, an HDMI signal from a single DyneNet™ transmitter unit is sent to an array of DyneNet™ receivers. With each driving a single video wall screen or projector. The DyneNet™ receivers do not perform any scaling. Instead each receiver is assigned a segment of the video source based on how the wall is configured. The result is that multiple screens are effectively combined to achieve a single large-scale display. The DyneNet™ manager software includes a video wall configuration tool that can be used to creat, save, and use a virtually unlimited number of wall configurations. By concurrently supporting both matrix switching and video wall capabilities in the same system, DyneNet™ provides two valuable display solutions in one, scalable product. This unique capability gives system integrators the power to go beyond the limits of traditional AV distribution products.
Multi-View Operation DyneNet™ harnesses the power and cutting-edge technology of 10 GbE switches used in data centers across the world. 10GbE switches utilize open technology proven to provide an extremely efficient and reliable way to move immense amounts of data in real time. The 10GbE standard itself represents decades of collaborative development from the world’s leading IT technology companies. The combined innovation, cost, efficiency, scalability and reliability make 10GbE switches a superior solution for AV signal distribution. The number of endpoints in a DyneNet™ system is only limited by the number available 10GbE switch ports. Any switch port can be assigned to DyneNet™ transmitter or receiver unit. I/O arrays of virtually any size are possible by proper selection of the central 10GbE switch. The embedded intelligence in all DyneNet™ endpoints enables units to be hot-plugged and recognized by the system within a few seconds. This feature allows systems to be easily reconfigured and /or expanded in the field without the need for extensive programming. Thanks to its extensive features and versatility, the expensive AV Matrix Switcher is no longer need and is the ideal solution for small, medium, large and massive AV signal distribution systems.
DyneNet Market Advantages