The Danacoid DyneCloud™ product family is the industry’s first distributive and interactive 4K H.265 networked AV ecosystem for existing 1GbE IP networks. DyneCloud’s highly integrated minimal H.265 codec hardware and powerful WYSIWYG visualized interactive drag-and-drop software comprise of four modules for coding and decoding, external multimedia management and control management via the IP network. DyneCloud system devices are extremely reliable, mobile, architectures are flexible, and connection distances are unlimited, eliminating the distance limitations between signal source and endpoint devices. Further, the reduction of devices and cable runs needed coupled with ease of deployment and operation significantly reduce the initial investment and TCO costs. Whether supporting mission control centers, security cameras, air traffic controllers, video walls, sports bars, educational institutions, stadium multi-screens, or any other large modern digital display, DyneCloud revolutionizes the local and wide area network AV display paradigm, making life easier while bringing unprecedented peace of mind.


DyneCloud Technology Advantage
Distributive and interactive 4K H.265 networked AV over IP product family with the ability to switch, extend, and distribute low compressed AV signals in real time with resolutions up to 4K@30, over a 1GbE. Experience this powerful, highly advanced AV over IP and video processing technology with this super low bandwidth solution. DyneCloud is the ultimate solution that contains the most powerful AV functions, from seamless fast switchings, simultaneous AV synchronizations, AV recordings, Environment Control and playback to status monitoring while running over a cost effective 1G network.  
DY700K Transceiver
  • H.265 streaming technology.
  • 4K 30 4:4:4 lowly compressed.
  • 1G ultra low bandwidth distributed system.
  • Upscaling and downscaling with aspect ratio management.
  • Built-in video processing including Overlay, PiP, Multi-View, Video Splicing, and Roaming.
  • Ultra-low latency KVM cross zone pointer.
  • SDI/DVI/HDMI port options
  • Fan-less enclosure design, transceiver with IP display
Limitless Video Processing Enjoy this powerful solution that comes with built in video processing functions in every transceiver unit. No more additional boxes to take care of video processing. Take control remotely and drag and drop any live sources into any displays in the network that is simulated on our Visualized Control Software platform to do switching and video processing, including Overlay/PiP/Roaming/Multi-View and more. Features:
  • Full HD/4K video compressed (H.264/H.265)
  • Standard 1G Ethernet network infrastructure
  • AV Synchronization
  • KVM with Auto cross zone pointer
  • IPC compatible
  • Visualized Control Software
  • IP based matrixing and video processing
  • 4k30 4:4:4
  • Accepts VGA, DVI, HDMI
  • Fan-less, ultra-silent Transceivers
  • Command center, emergency room
  • Plant, power plant, port
  • Military VR combat simulation command center
  • School, cooperate training center, medical facility
Intuitive Software
  • Fully visualized, simple yet comprehensive control interface
  • Real-time source video feedbacks
  • Simply drag and drop to switch any sources to any displays in the network
  • Video processing control including overlay, PiP, roaming, multi-view
  • Available in both iOS & Windows
  • Designer Software allows users to do own customizations
DyneCloud Application Solutions
DyneCloud Application
  • Upscaling and downscaling w/ aspect ratio management, Seamless Switching, AV Synchronization
  • Built in advanced Video Wall Processing functions
  • Video Recording and Playback
  • Environment Control
  • Drag and Drop control software in both WIN/iOS
DyneCloud Market Advantages