In the highly competitive retail and commercial industries, an enhanced customer experience is more important than ever to attract and retain a loyal customer base.
Danacoid’s Business Intelligent Networked AV over IP solutions are designed for businesses such as restaurants, cafés, shopping malls, retail stores, commercial offices, event venues, churches, sporting events, video walls and more. These systems provide a modern audio, video, and control solution to enhance a business’s commercial environment and their customers’ experience of their brand. Danacoid can also tailor an intelligent AV solution to meet a retailer’s or commercial business’s unique application needs based on the demands of their business or a specific project.
Businesses will be able to easily operate and control an entire Dante enabled, patented digital audio DSP and PoE PA over IP enabled audio system and 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Video over IP
SDVoE visual ecosystem within their business with a touch of finger, via a mobile device.

This includes virtually unlimited video source windowing and an ultra-low latency KVM environment.

In addition to controlling control the entire audio and video
signal transmission and distribution, the system also controls other important features including powering equipment on
and off, adjust air conditioner temperature, and speaker
volume, all with a touch of a finger.
Spectacular 4K digital video
High resolution and high quality (UHD), commercial large screen, and video wall solutions with real-time, high resolution image/video signal sampling, transmission, and display.
Excellent sound reinforcement system
With high performance DSP and Dante enabled audio amplifier to meet the demanding needs of a retail environment.
Simplified control and
Easy control for system operation and preview through a visual, interactive user interface available on a variety of mobile devices.
Simple device user interface
Can control the entire environment ecosystem
Manage networked AV products
Multiple options to control video and audio routing and end point device control to simplify implementing AV in a retail environment.
Danacoid is a leading global innovator and manufacturer of intelligent networked AV over IP product solutions to the Pro AV markets, including broadcast, commercial, education, healthcare, hospitality, house of worship and transportation.
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