Danacoid’s industry leading IP based AV architecture and powerful ecosystem software easily integrates into a comprehensive line of Danacoid product families.
Total Solution
Danacoid’s future-proof Intelligent Networked AV over IP solutions cover a gamut of current and future market applications.
Networked Everything
Danacoid’s complete line of networked, easy-to-control and highly reliable IP over AV solutions are ideal for broadcast quality local, wide and global distribution.

Intelligent Networked AV over IP Solutions

Danacoid’s goal is to replace complex hardware structure with minimal hardware and intelligent software, which provides simplicity in system design, installation, maintenance and control.

Visualized Control Interface

Danacoid’s fully visualized, friendly UI control interface enables users to control the entire AV over IP with ease.
The AV over IP solution is at your fingertip.


  • Fully visualized, simple yet comprehensive control interface
  • Real-time source video feedbacks
  • Simply drag and drop to switch any sources to any displays in the network
  • Video processing control including overlay, PiP, roaming, multi-view
  • Available in both iOS & Windows

Market Applications

Our solutions are perfect for applications such as an air traffic control tower, a courthouse, a municipal building, a conference center, a shopping mall, a university classroom, a medical facility, a hotel, or even a local bar








Danacoid Product Families

Danacoid’s building-block based IP over AV architecture of products
can be easily configured to help you design your ideal ecosystem – quickly and cost-efficiently.

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